Cleansing & Blessing Our Chakras with 12 Arizona Light Workers!

Join us for this powerful Full Moon, Chakra Meditation! Usher in 2020 after healing, clearing and blessing ourselves and each other!

We are honored to be apart of this beautiful gathering. Join us in the power of magnified meditation in numbers. We will be gathering to cleanse and bless. You will want to be there.

Reach out for more details. RESERVE your spot.

The date 12/12/2019 is twice as powerful – it is not only a portal opening day but also the full moon!!!

Join 12 of Arizonas gifted light workers in a meditation to heal clear & bless each chakra one by one before we move into the new year. We will also be playing the singing bowls in the background to amplify the energies.

Our light workers this year include:

Inviting all spiritual friends!

Lets ALL join our powerful energies together in unity!

Fee: $20 per person. Paid at the door
Please be there at 6:50 to get seated.

Caroline Sutherland Radio Show w Kathleen Malone

Promote Yourself! How to Spread the Word About What You do!

Caroline’s guest today is Kathleen Malone President and CEO of Sundance on Success.

Kathleen will give you ten pointers to help you to promote your business.

Internationally recognized author, Medical Intuitive, Caroline Sutherland and Hay House Founder Louise Hay.

You have something unique to offer, now it is time to get the word out. Kathleen has worked with many of the top name authors in the personal development field. She was Caroline’s publicist and Social Media contractor for many years. Kathleen has powerful and effective tools that can turn a book into a best seller or turn a speaker into a household name.

Join us for this fascinating hour and find out how you can raise the trajectory of your career, life purpose and mission.

Listen here!