Write Your Soul Song ~ Create Your Legacy

Featuring Spiritual Authors Dr. BethAnne KW
& Rev. Kevin Lee

  • April 6th and April 13th, 11am HST | 2pm PT | 5pm ET

  • Registration closes at 11 am PT on Tuesday, April 6th!

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🌻 Are you ready to connect with your voice in powerful ways and gain new confidence with your writing?
🌻 Do you feel like you have a book inside of you, but you’re not quite sure how to bring it out?
🌻 Do you long to express yourself in more prominent ways through a blog, poetry, or creative writing?
🌻 Do you feel like writing your transformational story would not only be cathartic for you but offer light to others as well?
🌻 Do you write for yourself, and you’re looking to take your writing to the next level and share your work with a broader audience?
🌻 Do you feel called to share your voice with the world, but you’re not sure what your next step is?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we warmly invite you to Write Your Soul Song ~ Create Your Legacy, a special two-part event series hosted by award-winning author Dr. BethAnne K.W. and bestselling author Kevin Lee. With humor, warmth, and insight the authors use elements of their personal writing journeys to teach and empower others with their written expression.

Here’s what you can expect to dive into in this series:

  • The importance of identifying your ‘why’ as a writer
  • Knowing how the voice of the heart speaks to you and how to express that story
  • Learning how to activate your intuitive flow
  • Overcoming common writing blocks and obstacles
  • Identifying what holds us back from greatness
  • Empower your true voice and true light
  • Experiencing heart activation, intuitive writing prompts, Live Q & A, and more!

In week one, April 6th, we will dive into the importance of knowing your “why” as a writer and how to refine your writing vision, hone your ideas, and ground your story, so you feel equipped to write from an empowered space of clarity, focus, vision, and flow.

In week two, April 13th, we’ll dive into the importance of writing from a space of self-belief, so you feel empowered to unleash your self-expression in more extraordinary ways, believe in the power of your words, and write from the sacred space of authentic vulnerability, heart-based sovereignty, and soulful truth.

Each Class: Will be 75-90 minutes, time to connect with our authentic voice and empower our voice through the flow of writing, including open Q&A. Ready to go? Just sign up below and get ready to rock your word magic. We can’t wait to see you on the LIVE Video Conference!

REGISTRATION: Once you register for this special event, you will receive an email confirmation. We will provide the Live Video Conference link to you on the day of the event through your email. Our platform is ZOOM. If you are new to zoom and unsure of how it works, we are happy to guide you. Please email us here and we’ll show you how zoom can work for you!

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About Dr. BethAnne KW, Licensed Psychologist, Intuitive Healer, Master Teacher, Spiritual Guide, Award-Winning Author

Dr. BethAnne K.W. (BethAnne Kapansky Wright, PsyD) https://www.bethannekw.com is deeply passionate about inspiring authentic change in others. A Licensed Psychologist, Intuitive Healer, and Award-Winning Author, she blends the worlds of psychology, spirituality, mysticism, and universal wisdom to offer dynamic teaching on personal transformation. She empowers energetically sensitive souls to access and shine with their full potential. She is the author of the award-winning grief book, Lamentations of The Sea, and its sequels, as well as several books of poetry and a children’s book. A creative at heart, she is continually inspired by nature, color, dance, music, and all things mystical. Her life underwent a profound change when she lost her brother in 2016, which became the catalyst for leaving her longtime home of Alaska and moving to the island of Kauai to live more intuitively, spiritually, and creatively.

#DrBethAnneKW #LicensedPsychologist #UnleashYourStory #WriteYourSoulSong #IntuitivePsychologist #AwardWinningAuthor


What people say about Dr. BethAnne KW: 

Dr. BethAnne has a beautiful vision – and is able to communicate that so wonderfully through her poetry and speaking. She creates space and gives voice to the experiences of grief, heartache, love, and open-heartedness that humanity needs to continue to understand as we seek a more loving world. Also, Dr. BethAnne is as warm and kind in person as she is in her writing and on stage. She is someone you want to listen to and learn from – and it’s wonderful to see a change-maker in action!
— Solveig Pedersen, Coach & Teacher


Truly special and magical is what comes to mind when I think of Bethanne’s work and words. Bethanne was one of the first people I met on Kauai when I moved here and felt at home in reading her work and diving into soul sessions with her. Her work speaks to my soul and has helped me greatly on my personal growth and soul journey I am currently on. I have enjoyed exploring her Cultivating Your Intuition and Finding Your Heart Magic online courses and could read her poetry all day long. She truly is spreading light and love in our world at a time of so much darkness.
— Cristina Robert, Educator and Realtor


Highly Skilled. Compassionate and Supportive. Intuitive and Inspiring. Dr. BethAnne embodies all these qualities and so much more. In addition to being a highly sought-after clinical psychologist, she is a divinely inspired guide who specializes in facilitating the process of personal transformation.

Whether you have the opportunity to work with Dr. BethAnne in a one-on-one setting, enroll in her life-changing programs, read her beautiful books or hear her speak at an event…you will feel welcomed, empowered and ready to step into your true potential. If you feel a stirring in your heart to shed what is no longer serving you and rise into the grandest version of you – then look no further. She will lovingly and skillfully support your journey to your most authentic, purposeful, magical self.
— Chara Rodriguera, Inspirational Facilitator, Author & Poet


About Kevin Lee, #1 International Best Selling Author, Coach, Medium, Radio Show Personality, Speaker, Metaphysical Minister

Rev. Kevin Lee Bestselling AuthorKevin Lee https://www.RevKevinLee.com consistently delivers a rare blend of wisdom and humor for his age. He will inspire you with fresh spiritual perspectives shared in simple ways and surely have you laughing with his quick-witted Southern phrases. As a speaker, he also uses the tools of compassion, clarity, and candidness to connect with his audiences for transformational teaching. Kevin intuitively translates higher spiritual truths into everyday language for higher vibrational living. Loaded with extensive spiritual knowledge and direct mystical experiences, Kevin will uplift the Spirit of your audience while empowering them with how to live a more fulfilling life on earth.

#RevKevinLee  #YourDivinePurpose #UnleashYourStory #WriteYourSoulSong #Number1BestsellingAuthor


What people say about Kevin Lee: 

Kevin’s presence is pure authenticity, compassion, kindness, and Divine Connection. I am eternally grateful to have experienced a reading from this gentle, talented, masterful soul, as he deeply touched my heart.
~ Jeevali Pranayam


Kevin Lee is a gifted presenter and cutting-edge spiritual luminary that brings warmth, compassion, wisdom, and understanding to every event. His unique background in medicine, metaphysics, meditation and motivation makes for riveting seminars and talks.
~ Dr. Donald Schnell, author Young for Life and The Initiation


Kevin Lee has been a guest on many of my broadcasts and beautifully Co-Hosted with us. His charisma is contagious and has garnered him, devoted followers. His professional demeanor and knowledge of a myriad of subjects make him an interesting conversationalist. Kevin has many life experiences, and coupled with his sense of humor, captivates audiences instantly. I highly recommend him for any speaking engagements.
~ Debbie Duncan, Video Host, PsychicFixes.com