I am delighted to have Kathleen Malone as my publicist since 2008. She is efficient, fun to work with and gets you out there!

~ Caroline Sutherland, Internationally Recognized Medical Intuitive and Hay House
Author of The Body Knows…How to Stay Young

Kathleen is a Master in defining and clearly articulating her business client’s gifts, values & talents to create the perfect irresistible package of offerings for their targeted customers. Her skills and talents express a beautiful combination of technical, composition, relationship building and a deeply honed knowledge of today’s new world of business.

I have known and appreciated her for years as a Student in my workshops and Women Mastermind Groups, and I am fully enjoying the partnership we have on Intensive Success Retreats destined to enrich our clients and bring more Passion, Purpose, Peace of Mind … and Profits! I highly recommend her.

~ Nathalie Ekobo, Intuitive Business Advisor, Executive Coach, Speaker, Trainer

I heard Kathleen speak yesterday about social networking. Her ideas, tips and explanations yesterday were insightful, educational and inspirational! I’m more committed to social networking now! I would recommend her as a service provider (she really knows her stuff), and as a speaker. Thank you, Kathleen!

~ Karin Crawford, Founder, Owner God’s Garden Treasures Flowers

Kathleen is great at helping holistic and spiritual speakers and authors to create their brand, look, and package~ to get launched into the next level of media success!

~ Karen Russo, Author, Speaker, Coach, The Money Keys

The world is full of talented people who can promote your products and services; Kathleen stands out with her genuine warmth, attention to detail and vibrant energy! Her enthusiasm is truly contagious. Kathleen’s business has weathered the extremes of the American economy, and she still stands ready to serve. Once in a great while, you’ll meet a person of outstanding character and integrity, Kathleen Malone is one of those rare gems.

~ Denise Liotta-Dennis, President/Founder at Dragon-Gate Feng Shui

Kathleen is professional in all that she does. She is creative, a remarkable networker and an expert in her field of marketing and promoting people.

~ Victoria Barna, Speaker, Publisher, and Award Winning Author of
Choice: A Simple Way to Peace

When Kathleen Malone takes on a project you can rest assured it will be completed with precision, on time. Kathleen has a keen eye for creating appealing visuals for branding, advertising, and repeat recognition. Her ability to generate media opportunities is not only effective, but is often lighthearted and fun. She creates materials and messages that float to the top of busy in-boxes. I always enjoy working with Kathleen.

~ Amy Landa, Publisher, and Award Winning Author of Life Lines: Stories of
Love, Life, Loss, Family and Hope

Kathleen Malone is a kind and loving soul full of inspiration for others. She holds a high standard of integrity.

~ Tisha Benoit, Master of Oriental Medicine

Kathleen Malone brings honesty and clarity into her connections with others. She is quick to follow-through with all she undertakes. Thank you Kathleen for being in my life!

~ Cristina Whitehawk, Author, Doorways To Daily Soul Nurturance: A
Book For Daily Inspirational Focus

I have networked with Kathleen on numerous occasions. She is an upstanding member of our community.

~ Pam Gaber, President and Founder, Gabriel’s Angels: Pets Helping Kids

Kathleen Malone is a focused, proficient, and very creative person. She is easy to work with open to co-creating, and she invites suggestions from others. She is willing to do whatever it takes to make a project a success. You can count on her, she follows through, and you know that with Kathleen the job will get done, and will be done well. She is a top professional in her field.

~ Kathy Scott Perry, Conference Producer and Media Relations Professional

I’ve been working with Kathleen to expand my brand/business. Her advice and guidance are on target!

~ Lisa DeChiara, Owner, Angel’s Serenity

I had the pleasure to work with Kathleen on several occasions and the one thing that stands out for me is her commitment to excellence. She has a wonderful way with and her positive attitude make her a valuable asset to your team. I have known Kathleen to connect with other individuals with ease and sincerity and I appreciate to be part of her network.

~ Karin Johnson, Owner, Peak Concierge Services

Kathleen Malone is wonderful! She organizes so many things. Promotes people with care and a great deal of support. Kathleen is well spoken and can turn around any situation. She works well with what I think are strong ego’s and handles issues with diplomacy and heart!

~ Esta Libero, Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional

In all the networking I do with the Arizona Enlightenment Center, I kept hearing about Kathleen Malone, Kathleen Malone, Kathleen Malone. It seemed like she was representing everybody in the spiritual community who was working to get their name out to the public. Finally we were able to meet, and we made a connection to work together to continue to bring spiritually based events and people to the Valley of the Sun.

Kathleen has the ability to recognize and promote the most unique aspects of her clients and their presentations to effectively attract the attention of the public and to get the clients the most exposure possible at just the right time. I highly recommend her to all who want help to fine tune their marketing plan to grow their business in the middle of any type of economy.

~ Heather Clarke, Founder, Arizona Enlightenment Center

I’ve known Kathleen for several years and hired her in 2002 originally as a consultant helping set up a young growing company in London, Ontario, Canada; eventually evolving into a permanent position as a VP until she relocated back to Arizona. Kathleen is dedicated, detail oriented, thoroughly personable and professional. She thrives on accepting challenges and taking both new business and existing businesses to the next level. She is a valuable asset to all who are fortunate enough to work with her.

~ Lisa Wright Johnston, Former Business Founder & Owner

I have worked with Kathleen on different occasions and I find her to be most kind, generous and supportive person. She is caring, hard working, intelligent, and dedicated. She is very committed to your success and growth. I love working with her because she has a great ability to inspire you and keep you focused on your passion and dreams.

~ Yamini Bhatt, Founder & Transformational Teacher at Riddham Spiritual Center

Kathleen and I have had the privilege of getting to know one another on a professional level and a deep abounding respect for one another’s passions and commitments…for “good” ~ Its been a pleasure to get to know her and can certainly recommend her professional ethic and style.

~ Sian Lindemann, Founder Sian Design