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Spiritual Happy Hour Featuring Dr. BethAnne KW, December 11th, guidance, answers, heart activation, empowerment

Please join us!

Bask in the Pinnacle & Final Spiritual Happy Hour Session of 2020 featuring Dr. BethAnne, LIVE Online!

You will receive answers and guidance to your most compelling life questions!

Dr. BethAnne guides us to embrace the magic, meaning, and purpose in our lives. We’re empowered to understand better our current events’ higher meaning and how they are impacting our lives.

Have you wondered?

🔥 Is it possible that the Soul of covid is compassionate?
🔥 Are you feeling unsure, off-balance, or unable to focus?
🔥 Do you worry about the current chaos around us and how it may continue to impact your life?
🔥 Are you prepared to release the old you in exchange for rebirth and new beginnings?

You will:

  • Learn the higher perspective truth of our time
  • Be empowered to be the best version of yourself in all circumstances.
    Receive guidance for your Soul’s purpose
  • Learn what we can expect for the remainder of 2020 and moving into 2021
  • Receive answers to your most compelling life questions

Dr. BethAnne, an intuitive channel and a spiritual guide, will provide direction and awareness on the current angelic, planetary, and cosmic energies and how they impact and support our collective and individual growth.

She will also deliver a unique angelically guided heart activation, especially for us to center, heal, and illuminate.

Dr. BethAnne KW will also offer readings, guidance, clarity, and answers from Spirit to help lighten your path, encourage your heart magic, and support your intuitive capabilities and discoveries.

One Final Session – the Pinnacle of our series – All are welcome!:
Friday, November 20th,
December 4th, and December 11th.
2 pm HST / 4 pm PT / 5 pm MT / 6 pm CT / 7 pm ET


Join us here for December 11th – the Pinnacle of our Spiritual Happy Hour Series – all are welcome!**

.**Please note that a recording will be sent to you if you cannot attend in person. There are no refunds. Thank you!


Friday, Dec. 11th, 4 pm PT/5 pm MT/6 pm CT/7 pm ET – $18

Registration is now closed!


Questions? Please email us here!


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👏 Praise for Dr. BethAnne! 👏

Truly special and magical is what comes to mind when I think of Bethanne’s work and words. Bethanne was one of the first people I met on Kauai when I moved here and felt at home in reading her work and diving into soul sessions with her. Her work speaks to my soul and has helped me greatly on my personal growth and soul journey I am currently on. I have enjoyed exploring her Cultivating Your Intuition and Finding Your Heart Magic online courses and could read her poetry all day long. She truly is spreading light and love in our world at a time of so much darkness.

~ Christina Robert, educator and realtor

It’s really such a privilege to recommend Dr. BethAnne. For starters, she is just an incredible blend of talent, heart, compassion, and universal wisdom. I’m honored to just know her, frankly.

As a client of hers, I’ve gotten to experience the wide scope of magic that she offers, and it’s not unusual for me to be left in tears, laughter, and profound reflection.

I’ve read her books, and I’ve personally worked with her in the heart space, the intuitive space, the relationship space, and god – practically every space. In every single session with her, I always receive an extraordinary level of love, compassion, understanding, and wisdom. She’s pure magic, and everything she does is so powerful. I learn, I think, I reflect, I grow, and I walk away from every experience as an expanded, fulfilled version of self.

I really can’t even explain her magic properly, I don’t think. She has that incredibly magical blend of the intuitive gifts, the heart compassion, and the professional experience and credentials to make it all come together. I’d have to say that Dr. BethAnne is magical because of who she IS… what she does is really all bonus material that puts a bow on everything.

I cannot offer a higher or more sincere recommendation. I hold her in the very highest regard and refer her to everyone that will listen. She’s that amazing. If you’re ready to experience magic in your life, she’s the one to connect with.

— Laura DiBenedetto, CEO, Educator & Author of The Six Habits

Dr. BethAnne K.W. has been doing my intuitive readings for many years now. She has also led a full moon Alaskan woman’s circle before she moved to Kauai where she was a solid comforting leader that changed lives in so many amazing ways. Her readings are stunningly accurate, and always mind expanding. It’s like she’s bestie’s with Spirit. Her special method and compassionate nature make the whole experience a welcoming process. Even when delivering information I don’t want to hear, she makes it real, yet positive and always leaves me knowing I can overcome anything. My life and viewpoint of life happenings have changed dramatically with her teachings and readings.


BethAnne is truly a unique gift to the people around her. I’ve been seeing her for over 4 years now and can’t imagine having anyone else to help me grow through life’s challenges. Through my anxiety and depression in addition to the stresses of being married to a service member, she has helped me find a strength and confidence in myself that I do not believe I would have discovered without her guidance.



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